The Parish Council is a primary consultee and, as such, receives notification of all planning applications in the Parish together with copies of the plans. The period for comment is currently 21 days, but 7 days in the case of a prior notification, which is why the Parish Council often has to hold Planning Committee meetings as well as the usual monthly meeting.

The Public also has the opportunity to respond directly to Development Control and can also lobby the Parish Council, both in writing and verbally at the meetings. Public perception of the Parish Council’s role in this process is often incorrect – the Parish Council can only comment and hopefully, due to its detailed knowledge of local planning guidelines, can comment in an informed and influential manner. Whilst the Parish Council will obviously take on board comment from the Public, it should be noted that the Parish Council will be considering ALL aspects of the case when arriving at its recommendation and response, not just those brought before it by the Public. The new Island Plan Core Strategy is the governing document, which will be complemented in the fullness of time by the Gurnard Neighbourhood Plan, once it is completed.

It is also important to realise that whilst the Parish Council might express a certain point of view, the Isle of Wight Council’s Development Control Committee or the Delegated Officer may take a different stand.

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print planning applications, if you don’t have it click here to download the reader.

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